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Ladylike Style – what is it?

Ladylike is a style loved by many and hated by so many others. Before you decide what your opinion is, read along to understand better what it is, and find out a little about the history of this fashion classic. 

The standard conception of the ladylike style of dressing today is the one which prevailed between the 1950s and early 1960s, until they were trampled by bare, muddy feet in the following decade.

But it was eternal while it lasted, and obviously left a mark. We are right here right now talking about it, after all. Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, to name a few, have inspired thousands of women and keep inspiring us to this day.

Just to understand a little about the origin of style, after World War II, the period of rebuilding life and rising, people believed that it would be natural for everyone to adopt a posture of contention and economy. But that’s where Christian Dior comes in (and never leaves). What did he do?

The New Look. And what did he propose? luxury, extreme femininity, excess cloth, sophistication. He presented his collection to Harpers Bazaar, which was in charge of spreading to women around the world.

“We come out of a time of war, in uniforms, women-soldiers, square-shouldered, boxer-like structures. I draw femmes-fleurs, sweet-shouldered, soft-busched, waist-high, and skirts that explode in volumes and layers. I want to build my dresses, shape them over the curves of the body. The woman herself will define the outline and the style. “

C. Dior 1905-1957

Ladylike in practise

At first glance, when I started writing this post, the first thought that came to my head was: Ladylike = female. But not necessarily. Boho is feminine, country too. Vamp then, ultra mega blaster femme fatale. What sets Ladylike apart is a more sophisticated, slightly formal woman, sometimes even with an air of purity or ingenuity.

It is nonetheless sensual, there is Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks in Mad Men) who won’t let me lie. And of course there are levels of Ladyness. But overall the ladylike woman’s way of dressing is the opposite of effortless. She is conservative in dress or at the very least makes reference to the classics while giving them a touch of her personality.

She gets embarrassed and wants this embellishment to be apparent, because she is so proud of it. She has delicate gestures and adheres to the sillyest rules of etiquette, not out of obligation, but out of sheer naturalness (that’s the best thing about it).

Ariana Grande ladylike looks

What is used a lot is the marked belt (preferably very thin), tight skirts like pencil or round knee, structured dresses, tight suits on the body. Pants almost never, but if so skinny.

In the feet, high highs are the best choice. But the looks in the modern versions of ladylike also wear and abuse sneakers, low and medium sandals and even sneakers. Even so, delicate feminine heels are still one of the main symbols of ladylike style.

The hair must always be in line. It may be loose, but it has to be combed. The volume at the top of the head is also characteristic. Accessories and shoes often look like grandma’s jewelry. The makeup has a red or pink marked mouth, eye liner (only on top), a well-defined blush and gives you mascara!

It doesn’t have to be all pink, have a childish face, be bland, or be too serious.

Looks estilo Ladylike

What do you think about the ladylike style?

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